Wednesday, April 1, 2009

our personal practice and the Brisbane group

This is a reminder that there will be a meeting tomorrow evening, Thursday the 2nd of April, at 7pm, at the Quaker Meeting House. Address is

Quaker Meeting House
10 Hampson St
Kelvin Grove Q 4059

At the last meeting we talked more about our personal practice, and also about our relationship within the Brisbane Integral group, particularly how we are affected by it within the four quadrants:

UL: what does it mean to you to be part of such a group?
LL: what is it that holds the group in its' space?
UR: what exterior aspects of you play a part in the group?
LR: what systems, or other exterior aspects, exists because of the group?

Some of my thoughts on these are:

UL: it is motivating to have others who share my enjoyment of integral ways of approaching my life, and to have a group with whom I can explore these things theoretically, practically, and any other ways ending in "lly"

LL: to me that is a common drive towards our personal growth and unfolding, that we're pursuing in multi-faceted ways, i.e. body, mind, spirit, individual, group, subjectively, objectively, etc etc

UR: I bring dedication, organisational fortitude, understanding of techniques that seem to fit within the integral framework, and my particular interest in working out how to connect different world views

LR: there's the Brisbane Integral yahoo mailing list [1] for discussion, the Ken Wilber meetup system [2] for meeting announcements and RSVP tracking, there are our regular get-togethers at different venues that allow us to connect and explore, and there is email as a medium to communicate more in between meetings. There is also the integral framework, and how that helps us meet and be met clearly.

It might be nice to continue to explore these questions, and see what else others come up with. Also to see how the different points support each other, or what might be missing, in the LR particularly, to assist us in our journey of growth. The questions about practices from earlier are also worth discussing, if you haven't done so yet.

Unfortunately I can't make it tomorrow evening, as I'll be out of town, but I understand Cate will be there, as will some others, so I look forward to hearing how the evening went :-)



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