Friday, March 6, 2009

personal practice

Hi all

A reminder that our next meeting is 7.30 pm on Thursday the 19th of March, to go deeper into the Integral Life Practice book. I'm happy to lead discussion, so if you haven't got your copy of the book yet, or haven't had a chance to read the first few chapters yet, that's fine. For preparation it would be great if you could think about the questions from my last post. I haven't seen anyone replying to those yet -- if you want to explore further what might be meant by them, or where your personal regular practices might fit, or what shadow exercises might be suitable for question C, feel free to email :-)

Here are the questions again. R

A. What sort of practice do you do regularly do to build up or explore
1. Body
2. Mind
3. Spirit
4. Shadow
and how regularly do you do it?

B. What is a practice that you might add to each of these four areas?

C. What is it in your Shadow Self, do you think, that has come in the
way of you making it along to the last two meetings?


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