Monday, October 5, 2009


Hi all

Our next meeting is tomorrow night at 7pm (for 7:15 start) at the Quaker Centre. Last time we looked further at the Shadow, and how we explore, transform, engage with it. It was a really great night, and I was particularly touched by the sharing of how our shadows are such a deep part of how we have become who we are.

I've got a very different question that I'd like to explore this week (and as nobody else is jumping in to suggest stuff, I get to shape the discussions for now ;-) )

How would you train Deferred, or Delayed, Gratification?

If you have broadband, have a look at this TED video. It shows research into children delaying short term gratification for future gain, which longitudinal studies have linked to success (in various measures, such as positivity, self-motivation, etc as well as academically.) There's a long New Yorker article about it which is worth reading.

One key technique used successfully is distraction -- think of something else, taking your mind off the pain. Another technique is to imagine the marshmallow as being a picture, not a real object, thus fooling yourself that the gratification isn't really there at the moment.

I'd be interested in exploring this from an Integral perspective.

  • How do you deal with delayed gratification, do you think?
  • What strategies do you use?
  • How would you teach this to someone -- either child, or adult?
  • How might different Integral Life Practices help with this?
  • Which modules (e.g. Body, Mind, Spirit, Shadow) might be most relevant?
  • Which areas of Integral Theory do you think would apply to this? (Quadrants, Levels, Altitudes, etc)

You might want to participate in some research to find out more about yourself on the first point...

Hope to see you Thursday,


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